40-Minute HIIT Workout (PopSugar Fitness)


HIIT workouts are anything but boring! Checkout this HIIT Running Workout that you can do outside or on the tread. Better yet, go read the full workout over at PopSugar Fitness.


What are we talking about? #runningverbiage

Conversation pace: A pace at which you can move while having a conversation. If you are running solo, try singing along to your music to check your pace. If you are running with a friend, chat it up. If you start to feel breathless, slow down your pace.

Two minutes faster than conversation pace: This is where you want to start feeling breathless. You are breathing harder and you can still get a few words out but you can't speak in complete sentences.

Sprint: This is your all-out pace! Dig deep and pretend to be Olympian Emma Coburn. You should be completely breathless at this point and feel like you are flying over the ground.

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