Exercise Can Help Teach You These 6 Major Life Lessons (Elite Daily)

Exercise Can Help Teach You These 6 Major Life Lessons 

Exercise is incredible! It truly is. Obviously, exercising has many physical benefits, but the mental ones that come from working up a  SWEAT --- they are incredible and even teach us a thing or two about ourselves! Read the full article here.


According to Cortney Logan, while exercise can certainly push you, motivate you, and make you physically stronger, the mental benefits, such as increased confidence, often outweigh the physical ones.

"[Working out] gives you that 'I can attitude,' reduces stress, and might even help you discover that 'inner athlete' talent that you never knew you had," Logan explains. "By applying the traits gained from exercise, one can lose self-doubt and live a much happier life."

What is something that exercise has taught you about yourself? Share it with us!

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