• Runfluencer // Runcrastinator (Double-Sided) Mug

Runfluencer // Runcrastinator (Double-Sided) Mug

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Runfluencer: a runner who constantly posts about running, talks about running, shares all things about running (including their favorite running must haves), a runner who is just really freaking obsessed with running and always up for the run!

Runcrastinator: it happens to the best of us! The art of procrastinating the run! No one really knows why we do it, but sometimes we just do. Maybe it is because we need coffee first?

Pick your mood, and go on and sip your favorite beverage of of this double-side mug. It' doesn't have to be coffee.

What is your mood today?

Mood: Total runfluencer!
Mood: Total runcrastinator.

*Every mug purchase will receive a runfluencer pin (random)